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About Us

Rehost Consciousness

Envision Future Human

SAPIENSI – Evolving Sci-Fi fantasy into a wearable reality. We believe the versatility of fashion will unify the present and future. We are redefining the concept of dressing as a way of body transformation and modifying the engineering of identity, enabling fashion's power to transmit a cosmic consciousness. 


SAPIENSI prides an all-gender-friendly, energy-efficient, and seasonless clothing style. It promotes innovative designs generated from a meticulous collaboration between our human designers and AI algorithms.


SAPIENSI is conscious about the ecological footprint we leave behind; we offer virtual fittings for all masterpieces and 3D wearables to establish not only a seasonless but a minimalistic waste fashion line while allowing humankind to appreciate Sapiensi’s products and services with an ethical and unique peace of mind.

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